• NIMBUSA 5-issue Limited Series
  • THE ROCKTHROWERA 6-issue Limited Series
  • WATSON AND HOLMESNew Ongoing Series
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New York, New York – New Paradigm Studios’ Founder & President Brandon Perlow is raising the curtain on three original graphic novels that could not be more different from each other in genre and style by veteran comic book storytellers.


Brandon Perlow, well known for his studio’s 3D computer graphics concept design work for many entertainment companies in New York and Los Angeles, is now adding IP creation to his portfolio with the creation of New Paradigm Studios (NPS). Having taking on the roll of publisher, Perlow recently recruited Justin F. Gabrie, former Marvel Director of Publishing & Editorial Operations/Managing Editor, as Senior Editor to handle day-to-day editorial with the purpose of producing strong, quality properties on a timely basis. Project production for all three NPS graphic novels are in full swing, currently launching first in chapters as comic-style issue-length books via digital distribution. Afterwards, these 4-6 issue mini-series will be collected in print format as full-size graphic novels.

About Brandon Perlow

Prior to founding New Paradigm Studios, Brandon Perlow has worked in the visual effects industry since 1996. Among the projects Brandon has been involved with include movies such as X-Men, X-Men2, 2Fast and 2Furious, Apocolypto, and Zodiac, as well as many commercials. One of his best achievements, winning the Bronze Clio Award for the “Amp” energy drink. Brandon worked for companies such as Digital Domain, Asylum FX, Buck,  Jim Henson Creature Shop and Walt Disney Feature Animation.  Brandon’s true passion has been comics so when the opportunity and timing presented itself, Brandon made New Paradigm Studios into a reality.

About Justin F. Gabrie

Justin F. Gabrie has a long career working in comics and licensing as an editor, penciler, writer, colorist and content specialist for companies such as Marvel, Sega and Archie Comics. Among the titles Justin worked on: Marvel’s Punisher books in the 90s — including War Journal and War Zone, as well as events like Suicide Run and Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights — to Marvel’s recent runs of What If? — including issue #200. For Archie Comics: Archie Meets The Punisher, Mirage Studios’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Year of the Turtle and eight years of Sonic The Hedgehog comics and spinoffs, which led to a licensing position at Sega. Before joining New Paradigm Studios, “JG” recently worked as Marvel’s Director of Publishing & Editorial Operations / Managing Editor. Justin has experience in project managing, producing, editing and art directing Intellectual Properties (IP) from concept to completion while exemplifying and protecting the brand.

About New Paradigm Studios

Founded by 3D artist/designer Brandon Perlow, New Paradigm Studios (NPS) is a new publishing company established to change the existing paradigms of comic book storytelling. Distributed digitally, NPS is committed to publishing cutting edge titles that break the norm and shift away from experiencing the conventional. For the stories at New Paradigm Studios… there are no limits.