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  • Promo Art B/WBy Gus Vasquez & Gene DeCicco
  • Promo ArtBy Gus Vasquez & Ryan Wardlow
  • Cover 1 B/W By Dave Ross & Gene DeCicco
  • Cover 1By Dave Ross, Gene DeCicco & Ivan Santillan
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THE ROCKTHROWER is a dramatic comedy on the trials and tribulations of David Willis, a down and out baseball scout on his last leg. When Willis sees footage of a Palestinian/Israeli conflict, he is transfixed on a new potential pitching discovery — a Palestinian teen throwing rocks with a speed and accuracy that defies even the best pitchers on Major League Baseball teams. On a wild hunch, a wing and a prayer, Dave travels into unforeseen territory to make this kid a star. But will his own heritage of being Jewish and his dark past as a disgraced baseball player put this endeavor towards a path of failure before its even had a chance to succeed?

Set to be released digitally as a 5-issue Mini-Series, the creative team is headed up by:
•    Dave Ross, who is providing layouts for The RockThrower. His artwork has graced the pages of Marvel’s Avengers West Coast, What If?, Iron Man  as well as Dark Horse’s Star Wars Old Republic
•    Finishing Dave’s layouts is industry vet and animation artist for Saturday Night Live, Gene DeCicco. The B/W Edition spotlights DeCicco’s exquisite use of zip-a-tone, a lost art tradition that enhances the art in unexpected ways.
•    Written by Paul J. Mendoza, Karl Bollers and Justin F. Gabrie
•    Color interiors by painting sensation, Ivan Santillan. Ivan’s water-color palette will leave you breathless.
•    Covers by Dave Ross, Gene DeCicco and Ivan Santillan
•    Helmed by Senior Editor Justin F. Gabrie (Marvel/DC’s Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights, Marvel’s What If? and Archie’s Sonic The Hedgehog) and assisted by Zack Rosenberg.

•    “THE ROCKTHROWER” created by Brandon Perlow